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We have received many requests for copies of articles from our Foundation’s collection of The EM Kayan magazines, so we knew there was great interest from former MK employees, their families, and a multitude of others who had company ties.  In response to their vast popularity, the Morrison Knudsen Foundation was pleased to co-sponsor the digitization of the magazine.  Now it is available to everyone who craves the opportunity to experience the rich historical accounts connected to the local, national and international projects that Morrison Knudsen Company championed.  The magazine presents a authentic historical perspectives in each monthly issue that helps us recognize not only the greatness of construction and engineering feats, but also engages readers in current events of the time and the day-to-day hardships and joys encountered by employees and their families while working on the projects.    Following is a letter from Jim Duran, BSU digital archivist, announcing the completion of the digitization project and welcoming readers to the searchable on-line site.  We hope you will visit the site soon.




Boise State University Library, AECOM, and the Morrison Knudsen Foundation Inc. co-sponsored the digitization and re-publishing of The EM-Kayan, the historic monthly magazine of heavy construction and engineering company Morrison Knudsen Inc. View every issue from 1942 to 1993 at the

Each magazine issue is full text searchable, offering new research possibilities for those interested in 20th century civil engineering, history of infrastructure, labor history, or MK specific names, places or job terms.

As you use the Em-Kayan digital collection, please let us know what you think and provide any feedback. Please also browse our guide to other resources on MK here. Also many videos are live-streamed on the BSU Library site:
Afghanistan: A Progressive Country (1958)
Gift for the Dragons Son (1968)
Vietnam: A Long Way to Journey (1968)
Lyman Wilbur – MK Vice President interview (1995)
Cliff Baker – HKF President interview (1995)
The Morrison Center Story (2000)
Morrison Center Promotional Video (1984)
Morrison Center: Opening Night (1984)

Thank you,

Jim Duran

Digital Archivist

Special Collections and Archives
Boise State University Library