Retired And Veteran EMKayan Dinner

Retired and Veteran EmKayans Annual Dinner Invitation 2015

Retired and Veteran eMKayan DinnerMK Employees not only worked hard together, but played hard together too. and maybe that was the key to success. That playful, caring comradery built a bond that naturally spilled over to form cohesive teams in the workplace.   The benefit of that kind of team work was evident particularly when unforeseen difficulties surfaced.  Knowing how to work together to make crucial decisions led to a multitude of innovative ideas that not only solved the seemingly impossible task of the moment, but led to improved construction methods that became standards in the industry.  MK literally filed thousands of patents.  Little stood in the way of successfully completing the MK promise on a project, and the pride of so many accomplishments was shared and celebrated by all.  For many eMKayans that sense of friendship and community is still a way of life and the Annual Dinner is a really great time for everyone.  We hope you will join in the upcoming celebration to honor your role as an eMKayan in building greatness and taking a look back at the accomplishments we achieved together.  The annual Retired and Veteran eMKayan dinner and golf tournament gives us an opportunity to reunite again in a casual, relaxing venue.


Following are the details and here is a link to print:  Invitation form 2015 flyer


 WHEN                                                                                   WHERE

Sunday September 13, 2015                                                 Riverside Hotel

No Host Bar   4 PM                                                      2900 Chinden Boulevard

Buffet             6 PM                                                     Boise, Idaho 83714

Casual Dress                                                               Phone – (208)343-1872

Discount Hotel Reservations $89 plus tax


Please join us for the annual Retired and Veteran eMKayan dinner this year.

For those of you interested in playing golf on Saturday September 12 at Warm Springs Golf Club please complete the bottom section of the enclosed “Registration” form and include your payment for the green fees with  the dinner, and annual dues.

Please complete the attached registration form and return it with your check as soon as possible, but no later than September 1, 2015. A self-addressed envelope is enclosed for your convenience.

The Riverside Hotel is located at 2900 Chinden Boulevard in Garden City.

The Warm Springs Golf Club is in East Boise at 2495 Warm Springs Avenue, Boise, ID 83712.

We look forward to seeing you and your spouse or guests.

The reunion committee is seeking additional members if you would like to participate. Contact Tony or Jay if interested.

Your Reunion Committee:

Chairman,                                    Tony Sandor    (208) 345-4652

Treasurer, Golf Coordinator,   Jay Gould        (208) 412-9866

Committee Members                Dale Fackler and Bill Goodrich


note:  The Registration Form and Invitation may print more successfully if opened from the following link  Invitation form 2015 flyer



Member Name_____________________________________

Email Address_____________________________________

Enclosed is my check for dinner:     $35 ea. x ______                                       $_______

Golf Green Fees, cart, etc. – 18 holes. $50 each         $___ ea. x _____ =     $_______

Golf Lunch $9.00 each                                                                       $_______

Annual Dues – (Postage, Printing, Envelopes, etc.) $5.00                                 $     5.00 

Total Enclosed                          $_______

(Please make checks payable to “Veteran eMKayans”  Mail to:

Jay Gould 12823 W. Grenadier Drive, Boise, ID  83713)

Please list your names exactly as you want them to appear on your Name Tag

_____________________________                            _____________________________

_____________________________                            _____________________________

□ Dues are enclosed (to ensure future invitations please include your $5.00 Dues.)

□ Sorry, can’t come this year but keep me on the list or add me next year.

                                         (My dues are enclosed.)

□ Please remove me from the mailing list

This is my current address  _________________________________________



Those of you that want to play 18 holes of golf on Saturday, September 12 at Warm Springs Golf Club please provide details below. As indicated above the cost is $50 a person per day including cart. Tee time scheduled for 9:30 AM. A BBQ Lunch is available after golf at a cost of $9.00 each.

Player Names plus handicap:


(If you have a twosome or foursome please list the names and handicap for same start time)



Warm Springs Golf Club 2495 Warm Springs Avenue, Boise, ID 83712

Clubhouse contact:  208-343-5661

(For questions on the golf outing, please contact Jay Gould at (208) 412-9866