MK Foundation Giving a Hand-Up to Families in Crisis

ltr$20from$20nicholeOver the years as we fulfill our mission statement, Morrison Knudsen Foundation has had the opportunity to reach out to a multitude of families in crisis and tremendous need—families who might otherwise know much greater sadness and more difficult struggles without the help the Foundation provides them to obtain the most basic needs like food, clothing and shelter.

We have tremendous appreciation for the strength and courage these families display and feel very privileged indeed to have been able to be part of their path to regaining self-sufficiency. These are especially difficult times for so many folks, and we are very grateful for all our fellow non-profit providers who work along side us, partnering to help those in greatest need. One of our beneficiary families has asked us to share their story with you and their triumph over homelessness.

Kimberly and her five children ages 6 thru 12 are among the many wonderful families that the Foundation were blessed to have become acquainted with over the years. The family lost their income and was evicted from their rental housing forcing them to move into a homeless shelter. Next, they lost their transportation and had to utilize the city bus system. Moving from shelter-to-shelter as their length of stay expired at each shelter, sadly, their few personal possessions diminished as well. Kim was accepted into the CATCH Program giving them two years to rebuild their lives and livelihood. Morrison Knudsen Foundation funded the deposit and some essential items necessary to secure housing and start their new life. Kim’s daughter, Nichole, wrote the thank you letter displayed below and 11-year-old Jimmy provided the art work. Kim writes the following letter of thanks:

What have you given me by getting my family into a home? After ten months of pounding the pavement, trying to bring my family stability and feeling helpless and unable to accomplish this is a feeling of hopelessness, low self-esteem and loneliness. The entire ten months spent in a shelter with numerous people with chaos around you. Wondering if the obstacles put daily in front of you will ever end. Or the emotional stress my children suffered will stop. Telling my children that sometime soon they will have beds to sleep on instead of mats on a floor, a place to put their clothes, instead of a cubby crammed with all the other families stuff. You have given me the power to stabilize my family with a foundation, a home that gives me the ability to build a life that will make our family proud. There is no value on earth I could put on that feeling. The smile on my children’s faces, the ability to say to myself every day,” I’m going home” feeling that warmth is immeasurable. This foundation you have given me restores the hope and dreams I had almost lost during our time of trial. Life tends to pound down on you day after day but one kind deed gave me a world of wealth. Not material, just happiness, security, love and belief in the power of giving–restoring my faith in the world again. There is no way to completely thank you for everything you’ve given to me other than to say “thank you, God bless you.” Even then it feels inadequate. The gift we’ve received after all this family has been through will never be forgotten or taken for granted. Thank you for restoring our life…literally! Sincerely, Kimberly