Lisa And Coco

Helping Individuals Reach their Goals for Self-Sufficiency

A terrible accident, left Lisa confined  to a wheel chair and suffering  from seizures that occur frequently. She currently has a service dog that can predict those seizures before they occur and when alerted, can bring her the medication she needs.  However, this faithful companion has reached “retirement age,” has disabilities of her own now, and is no longer able to perform her most helpful functions. With her limited income, Lisa was unable to afford a trained replacement dog, but was given a two-month-old chocolate Labrador Retriever named Coco.  Assistance from Boise Legacy Constructors Foundation and special pricing from the dog trainer will provide Coco’s basic training so that Lisa can work with Coco under direction of the trainer on a less frequent basis. This will mean that with the help of her new service dog, Lisa will be able to continue the independent lifestyle that she now enjoys. Lisa is returning to college this fall and Coco will be a valuable asset to her on campus—together they will meet their career goals as they finish their education.

Lisa was referred to the Foundation by LINC (Living Independence Network Corporation), a non-profit organization empowering people with disabilities to achieve their desired level of indepen-dence. LINC promotes personal growth and freedom of choice through advocacy, networking, public awareness and modification of environments.
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