Create Common Good

A small-farm micro-enterprise… employing refugees, building leaders, and conducting on-the-job training.  As a funding partner, Morrison Knudsen Foundation helped to answer a community call to action by reaching out to Boise’s newest residents. In supporting Create Common Good with their endeavor to offer “intensive care” training and creative employment solutions in our challenging local job market, the lives of many refugees and their families have been positively affected.

What is Create Common Good about?

  • about training + employment.
  • about growing great people, great products, and great services.
  • about ‘stirring flavorful communities, one at a time.’
  • Bhola, one of their Bhutanese staff members says, “I am a farmer.”  He loves his job, and he is thankful to have a place to come, work, be at home, and learn each day of work.

Devi, their Head farmer, loves coming to work each day and leading and managing his farm team, doing the work he was trained to do back in his home country.

Bonnie, a farm share customer says, “I loved having the fresh organic produce on a weekly basis.  I appreciated having it cared for, and picked for me, so it was like having your own garden with no work, what more could you ask for??  The workers were always friendly.”

Create Common Good (CCG) was The Momentum Group’s response to the economic downturn that has greatly stressed the refugee resettlement process.  CCG is an experiential job-training program for the refugee community that provides industry-wide language and skills training, formal documentation and assessment for refugees not yet employed.  The Momentum Group works with community agencies to provide CCG workplace specific training and language instruction.

CCG provides training courses to refugees covering everything from customer service essentials, restaurant work, grocery, warehouse, and packing, hotel and housekeeping, and job readiness (applications, interviewing, employer relations, and job retention).  All of their training centers offer interactive and intensive English skills to increase their confidence and employability.  They conduct site visits to employers in order to reinforce the training in each appropriate setting.

CCG operates a small-farm micro-enterprise located in SE Boise at 4750 S. Surprise Way where they employ refugees, build leaders, and conduct additional on-the-job training.  CCG’s farm operates a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program, supplies local restaurants (Red Feather, Locavore, and others), and gives produce to the Idaho Foodbank, the refugee community, Life’s Kitchen, and other partner organizations needing local, fresh produce.

To find out more about Create Common Good, use this link to navigate to their website: http://www.createcommongood.org/