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Open House Farewell and MK Foundation Benefit Auction

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On November 12th an open house and auction was held at the Boise AEcom offices (originally the Morrison Knudsen Company world headquarters, dedicated in 1969) as a farewell event honoring the building’s rich history.  Morrison Knudsen Foundation was the beneficiary of the proceeds from the auction.  The upscale celebration brought a happy closure for MK Retirees and Veteran Employees who had centered most of their days and for some the better part their lives around that location.  As the guards secured the massive glass doors for the last time on December 4th, a remarkable era of world-class construction history was remembered in all its deserving glory.  The special event afforded EmKayans and all the other legacy companies that followed an opportunity to preserve treasures that were meaningful to them like photos, books, eMKayan magazine collections, and other artifacts through the silent auction.  Our Foundation is extremely grateful to all who attended and particularly thankful to the AEcom event planning committee who worked so hard on perfectly, and thoughtfully organizing the event. The proceeds from the benefit auction will certainly help us to help others, but the good-will generated by the event is truly immeasurable.  Thank you, AEcom, for your generosity–we appreciate all you have done for us.Auction1

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