How We Help

How we are making a difference…

Special Olympics

BLC Foundation funds community events and project that improve the quality of life for others.
Reading Enrichment

Reading Enrichment Project
Marsha’s Stars

MS Walk
Replacing a scooter

Replacing a scooter that had been stolen from a single, disabled mother of four residing in a homeless shelter in Boise, enabled this mom to continue to participate in her children’s school activities and begin job training so she could earn a better living.
3-wheel bicycle

The Foundation provided a 3-wheel bicycle so a disabled man suffering from epilepsy was able to continue to get to sites in the community where he serves as a volunteer.
Jared’s wish

Jared’s wish was to spend his last days at home with his family & friends. The foundation provided a special mattress so he could rest easier as his life slipped away.

Thank You’s

“Cancer brings with it challenges that are extremely difficult for patients and their families. The emotional, psychological, and spiritual impacts of the illness, the side effects associated with treatment, and the financial burden associated with treatment costs can be astounding.

Over the past two years, your foundation has provided significant emergency financial assistance for several patients who have been treated at our center.

Your foundation truly plays a rare and important role in helping families in our community get through difficult life circumstances. We have personally witnessed the impact your help has had on our patients’ ability to heal and to maintain their dignity in the face of the stress of a cancer diagnosis and treatment.”

– Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center (Cancer Care Center)

“I just wanted to drop a quick line and say thank you so much for the help you gave Tony and I after his accident. You will never know how much it meant to find out there was help available to use. We appreciate the fact that your fund was there. This has been a very frightening time for us. Thank you again for your help. It was greatly appreciated.”

– Katy 

“How can I ever say thank you adequately? I am so touched by your caring and generosity. As a result of poor health, my doctor bills had me down on the mat. I was beside myself – too ill to work overtime or get a second job. Fortunately a friend mentioned the foundation as an option. You have saved me! Thank you for lifting my load.for being a beacon of light in the darkness.”

– Lori

“I was a long-time employee at M-K. Words alone cannot express how thankful I am that you made my children and me recipients of the Foundation. It is a big deal to my family, especially to me, that you’ve extended your generosity to us. I can honestly say that this is the first time I have worked with a company whose foundation reaches its own employee. I don’t know you and I know you cannot solve my problems but I can assure you that the charity we will receive from the foundation greatly assist us. I hope and pray for the continued success of the foundation and its founders. May God bless you all for having such a good heart!”

– Sarah

“Thank you for coming to my rescue. I was truly giving up hope. All my life I’ve helped others, but it had seemed when I needed some in return none was available. Then the Foundation stepped in and answered my prayers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You are truly a God send!”

– Carolyn

“First of all thank you for financially assisting me and my family in this time of need. I very much appreciate what you have done and someday hope to help someone in need myself. It is nice to know there are people out there like you that are willing and able to assist the less fortunate at the most needed times in our lives. I promise that what you did for my family will not go unrecognized. I will give to this community and other of my services once I reach my goal. Again, thank you to all and may God bless each and everyone of you for the good deeds. “

– Teresa

“I would like to take this time to thank the foundation for helping me with the financial assistance for the dental work that I needed. Because of you I am now able to seek regular employment. Before, I had to always take time off for my toothaches and other dental problems. Now I feel and look better than ever. I have confidence in finding and keeping a new job. Again, thank you for your generous contribution towards my health and happiness.”

– Tim

“Thank you so very much for all you give of your time & energy. I don’t really know how to thank you for coming to meet with me so quickly & assisting w/catching up my mortgage. Thank you so very much. It just sound so flat as I read this back to myself. Mere words cannot express the gratitude I feel. May this holiday season bring only joy. I hope for you to see & feel the joy, relief, gratitude and compassion that you carry & so freely share. May you have a very merry Christmas & happy New Year.”

– Anna

“On behalf of my husband and my family I would like to extend a much appreciated “thank you” for your financial assistance during by husband’s illness due to a recurrent brain tumor.  We are very grateful for your help and know that our words cannot express this adequately.  Our devastation at the loss of my husband’s job and the extensive medical and chemotherapy costs involved in treating such an illness were unexpected.  Again, thank you!”

– Lisa

“I am writing to the Board of the Foundation to update you on an individual that the foundation assisted. A few years ago the foundation bought a new wheelchair for Tracy who was newly disabled. I am pleased to inform you that Tracy is currently living in his own apartment and attending the university studying engineering! I know the members of the Board don’t always get to hear the success or see many of the faces of the individuals they assist after they become more independent. I hope this letter reaffirms the great service the Foundation provides to members of our community. Thank you and keep up the great work!

– Living Independence Network Corporation

“Many thanks to the Foundation board for the great support for the Community Family Shelter project for homeless families and homeless single women in southwest Idaho. The adoption of two rooms was wonderful news. You have led the way by furnishing two rooms and are certainly serving as an example for other groups and businesses. Your involvement in this project is appreciated.”

– Community Family Shelter Project, Nampa Shelter Foundation

“Thanks again to the Foundation Board for your continued support of NHS and its families. You truly represent the spirit and heart of giving, not just at the holidays, but throughout the year. Your gifts have made it possible for so many to have hope, peace and love as they begin to turn their lives around. Best wishes and gratitude.”

– Neighborhood Housing Program

“Thanks to the Foundation Board for your help with our client’s rent. She has since acquired a job and is also receiving child support. She’s paying her bills & will soon enter our transitional program with hopes of returning to school. Your gift has made a huge difference in her life and her 4 children.”

– Safe Place Ministries

“Once again our non-profit agency wishes to express our profound appreciation for your benevolent assistance on behalf of one of our neediest families.  The parents are no longer sleeping on the floor of their living room and two of their children now have their own real beds.  This family lives in a tiny trailer and each of the parents work earning very low wages.  They are role models for our other parents in their extraordinary parenting.  I am personally grateful that you could help them in such a superb way.  This is the essence of community collaboration on behalf of struggling families.  Again, many plaudits to your Foundation!”

– Family Advocate, Friends of Children and Families/Head Start

“Thank you for your consistent willingness to help those in our community in need!”

– Office of the Mayor, City of Boise

“Thank you so much for your exceptional contributions to our community.  We really appreciate all the work your foundation does…to help the neediest people in our community.  We are fortunate to be able to work with you.”

– Resource Navigators, Region IV- Idaho Department of H&W