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A gift, The Em Kayan Magazine Index


The firEm Kayan Apr 1942st issue of the monthly company magazine under the name of The Em Kayan was April 1942 and sadly, the last monthly issue was July 1995, then quarterly by season until 1996.  Bill Goodrich has selflessly labored on authoring a master index of articles for all the magazines.  He has asked that we make that index available to everyone and we are pleased to provide it for you.  From all of us, thank you, Bill, for your gift.  With the index you have given us, we can now easily find articles that celebrate fond old memories and learn some new stories that teach us to appreciate the past.  (click here to download the index: EmKayan Magazine Index )

As I looked back at The Em Kayan magazines, I read the first “President’s Memo” dated February 28, 1942 and was reminded of the greatness of the company and of the EmKayans who helped to make it great.  Bill Goodrich is one of the great men who helped to build the company that Mr. Morrison writes about in the President’s Memo of the first issue of the company magazine as follows:

President Memo 1942

We’ve outgrown ourselves and have exceeded our plans and expectations so many times during recent years that we’ve hardly had time to take stock.

It’s fine to grow and expand and build, move mountains, drive tunnels, build dams and cantonments, bridges and airports, harbors and ships, and for the part that each is playing in our expansion I am deeply grateful.

There is a tendency in such widespread growth, however, to lose track of each other, and to sacrifice that feeling of kinship and fellowship which has always been the real heart of our organization.  This monthly publication is dedicated to preventing that possibility from becoming a reality.

It is also dedicated to the purpose of preserving our standards and ideals of construction performance which have gained for our company its present recognized position in the construction industry.  Old-timers of our organization could recount many instances where they succeeded in the face of seemingly impossible odds.  Today, we have many promising young men in our organization who possess the same spirit–who enjoy “tough going” and are quick to accept the challenge of outstanding performance.  That is the spirit which helped build M-K.

It belongs to you, it will be what you want it to be and what you hope it to be.  If all of you use it as a method of knowing each other and as a medium of exchange of ideas and personal information, as well as an aid for better and more efficient building, its value will be considerable.  I am convinced that you will so use it…”